A suspenseful, action-packed read...
When innocent and unsuspecting widower Fernando Fernández supplied invaluable information to Chief Inspector Cristobal Dorantes and Captain Alvaro García, they finally had the breakthrough that they had needed to break a drug a trafficking operation.
Smuggling had been a problem for the authorities for hundreds of years and the late twentieth century was no exception. Cocaine from South America was entering into Europe via a small group of Spanish owned islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the ruthless drug runners had to be stopped.  
Drawn into the investigation as an adjunct in a pivotal role, could Fernando cope?







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A Synopsis.

Santa Maria: a small fishing port and adult tourist destination on a Spanish owned island, part of an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. A quiet and unassuming sleepy backwater; not the sort of place that criminal activity would be expected.

From the balcony of his apartment, Fernando Fernandez (51, widower, financial adviser) witnesses an unusual jogger, a curious fishing boat and yellow van in his local marina.

Chief Inspector Cristobal Dorantes (59, bachelor, Policia Nacional) visits Fernando for financial advice and connects the suspicious death of under-cover English policeman Chris Baker with Fernando’s observations and calls his colleague Captain Alvaro Garcia (38, married, Guardia Civil).

Cristobal and Alvaro agree to confide in Fernando and explain that Cocaine from South America is being trafficked via their island to mainland Europe. Fernando’s position, from his apartment, at the top of all the developments up the cliffs overlooking Santa Maria, has a unique opportunity to
covertly observe the town. They determine that the fishing boat and van seen by Fernando are probably carrying the drugs. Fernando agrees to help the beleaguered Officers as they need secrecy and are short-staffed.

Fernando uses his initiative; thinking that the fishing boat may have a rendezvous point along the coast north of Santa Maria, at Playa de los Chicos, his venture there brings him into contact with bar owner Paco Martín, an old acquaintance. Investigations reveal the skipper of the fishing vessel to be Manolo Ruiz, Fernando elects to go fishing with him and has more adventures. Alvaro investigates the local hotelier Miguel Moreno who they believe to be the king-pin of the smuggling gang.

Cristobal investigates how the cocaine is smuggled off the island via the international airport.

A raid is planned in an attempt to arrest the smugglers as they land the drugs at the harbour and take them to Moreno’s hotel. Fernando, from his penthouse balcony, liaises via radio with Cristobaland Alvaro who, along with other officers, are lying in wait.

To his horror, Fernando witnesses the action and the shooting of both Cristobal and Alvaro. The raid is successful, despite the bloodshed.

Fortunately Cristobal and Alvaro survive. Fernando, who for over four months has become so involved in the operation, is on the verge of a breakdown, thankfully resolved after a visit with his old friends, Carlos and Bianca who successfully counsel him.

Paco introduces his widowed sister Mercedes Perez to Fernando and the future looks bright.

Clive Willetts' Crow’s Nest is an exciting new novel, and follows Fernando’s progress through the year of 1998.
Widowed and lonely after the death of his wife, Fernando becomes embroiled in an international drug smuggling investigation.
Follow him on his journey of self discovery and find out whether the drug runners are stopped and if Fernando can move on with his life.
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